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Breaking the Traditional Design of Electric Fan

Whether in the living room, study, bedroom, or kitchen, its sleek and minimalist “O” shaped design breaks traditional electric fan styles. O-FAN embodies “simplicity is beauty”.

Featuring a
Patented Design

O-FAN stands at a height of 42.4cm with a simple and streamlined appearance that combines functionality and style. Its versatile design is suitable for various living environment.

Antibacterial Coating

The new O-FAN series has added antibacterial efficacy and effectively reduces the survival and transmission of pathogens on the surfaces of the machine body, fan blades, and remote control. It uses antibacterial coating materials that effectively inhibit the growth of Escherichia coli and Staphylococcus aureus#, promoting a healthy environment starting with breathing fresh air.

# Test Laboratory: Guangdong Detection Center of Microbiology

Free Selection of Wind Speed

Enjoy the convenience of free selection of 6 wind speed, O-FAN produces natural cool air to enhance indoor air circulation.

Simultaneous Adjustment of Up, Down, Left and Right Movements

Evenly distribute the cool air from the air conditioner to every corner of your home with O-FAN. It features manual angle adjustment in multiple directions, also three automatic oscillation angles (30, 60 and 90 degrees) for left and right movement, providing a wide range of airflow coverage to your home.

Happy and Joyful Moments

O-FAN is not just an electric fan, but also a versatile desk lamp that can be used in our home or office. The new O-FAN series is equipped with a short-key in remote control to turn off the display panel and can be manually turned off. Equipped with LED lights that offer two color temperature options, you can easily switch between cool light and warm light to suit different needs. Additionally, O-FAN features three levels of dimming function to meet your need.

The cool light mode is perfect for reading or using computer and can be placed in study room or office, while the warm light mode is ideal for usage as indirect lighting and can be placed on bedside table to create a relaxing atmosphere before sleep.


Magnetic Remote Control with Integrated Body Design

Thanks to the magnetic control technology, the remote control can be attached to the back of O-FAN’s body, ensuring that it’s always within reach and not easily misplaced.